Kv-read/write node doesn´t work

Hey guys,

I want to write to the kv-write node. At the localhost (PC) I can read or write the values and everything works fine. At the IoT2040 nothing happens. I can´t read or write from/to the kv nodes. The node work as a key value database (JSON).
I can also write to the "file in" node.
Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot for your answer

I don't know what that node is but if you have a problem with a node (unless it is a core node), you will need to take it up with the author. Usually by raising an issue on GitHub.

If you have a problem with a contrib-node it is useful if you actually list the full name of the node.
As there are often similar nodes it helps to know which one you are using.

Sorry guys. I use the following node.

That node states in it's ReadMe that it requires nodejs v6.0.0+, what version of nodejs are you running on your device?

Given that node stores data in JSON format, why not just use global or flow variables with file persistence? That feature is now native to Node-RED so the store node probably not required now.

I know what you mean.

My UseCase:
I have a machine with different error messages.
The messages are different. So I made a flow wich can add the new entries in da key-value-database and increment them if they already exist.
This solution is very flexibel.
The flow work fine at my localhost, so I think the problem is the IoT.

Just to clarify,

  1. you have NR installed on some device - what is it? a Pi? a PC?
  2. on that device, node-red-contrib-key-value-store works fine
  3. you have another device - the IoT2040 - you want to access the data...correct?

Since the data is stored onthe device running NR, how do you plan on having the IoT2040 access it?

  1. I have installed Node Red on PC (localhost) and on the IoT 2040.
  2. On both the node-red-contrib-key-value-store were installed and only on localhost it works.
  3. I got the data from a S7 and want to write the active marker to my key-value-store
    I can write the active marker to a .csv file but the key-value don´t work on the IoT

Thx for all the quick answers

So what version of nodejs have you installed on your IoT2040?

I updated the nodejs version and now everything works fine. Thanks for the hint :wink:

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