Launch Node-Red project On windows Start


i have windows 10 on my machine. I wonder how can i launch such project when windows start??



Covered in the docs

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thnx a lot is so clear in doc. what i want is to auto-start a flow on startup not only node-red. is it posiible thing ??



When node-red starts it will run all the flows in the flows file.
If you want a particular operation to start then you can use an inject node set to trigger on startup to set it in action.



thnx for respond. Specificly, i need to display dashboad directly on windows starts. ?? is there a way to do that ?



Displaying the dashboard is nothing to do with node-red. Do you mean you want to start the browser with the dashboard on display? I presume that on windows there is a way of automatically starting applications on startup, so if you configure it to start your browser, pointing at the dashboard url then that should work.

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yes Sir, that's what i want. i will see how to do configuration. thnx anyway.



There are a number of ways to do this.

The most robust is to configure Windows in Kiosk mode. In that mode, a user cannot do anything other than see the browser window.

Next most robust is to go into the Windows Scheduler and create a new entry that is triggered at the right time - either on login or, if not using a login, at Windows startup. The entry can simply use a command like start http://localhost:1880/ui.

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using task scheduler doesn't launch node-red on windows startup. using pm2 does launch node-red but creats a problem with phantomjs. is there anyway else to lauch node-red ?



It absolutely does. I've done it. Task scheduler is very powerful and can be used to start just about anything at boot/Windows start/login/logout/shutdown and any number of other events.