Layout order in subflows

I have created a dashboard with a "text" node and a "text Input" node. The text is set by one function and another function processes the data from "text input". I want to create a subflow with text and text input, because I need this combination 20x.
The problem is in the layout, I can't put the text input directly after the text and this combination 20x.
node-red layout set text, text,.... text input, text input,....
Is there a way to make the layout follow the required order?
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
Thanks a lot

If I understand correctly, you have a ui-text node being fed data from somewhere and a ui-text-input node sending data somewhere else.

Read this thread for more information:

I'm not 100% sure I understand your question. Can you give a bit more detail on what you're trying to do with the text? Are you examining a specific set of 20 possible inputs? Or do you just need to examine all 20 in a particular order? Or something else?

Using dashboard ui elements inside subflows is not supported. There is no way to control the order.

Good morning :slightly_smiling_face:
I have an array of 20 text messages and their associated values. The text is passed as msg.payload to the node text and the node input text should display the default value.
It should be this order:
text: input text
text: input text
text: input text

currently node-red displays it like this:
text text
text text...
input text input text
input text....

I just didn't find an example with subflows and text nodes/input nodes.
The approach of @zenofmud is interesting, as I can assign the text-nodes to one group and the input text-nodes to another group, if I create a subflow out of it and then copy it 20x, it will indeed show up like that and the text/text input combo is also correct (so far).
Thanks a lot for your help!

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