@leipert/stock-ticker doesnot work anymore

Its seems to be the same problem we had 9month ago already.
Stock request node is not working anymore. It shows following error and execution fails: Error: Invalid Cookie.

I kindly ask the autor for an update.

You should open an issue on the gitlab page:

I'm not familiar with github

If you reread my post it is gitlab not github so you will need to look into it. This will be a great opportunity to learn something new.

P.s. I also know nothing about gitlab

seems like the api is disabled:

I have no idea what this discussion shall say me. Is there now a new node which i can install in Node Red or shall I better delete this project. I habe no time to learn either gitlab or github. I'm only a normal user which unterstand a small issue in NR to control my house.

Do you know other sources where this data is published?