License for node-red-contrib-mclient-outclient. License not specified in

Sorry if this question have been answered but I can't seem to find the answer.
As mentioned in the title, I'm trying to find the license for this component so that I am able add it in my project.

The file only stated the copyright info. Here is the link node-red-contrib-mclient-outclient - npm

Node-red in general is under Apache License 2.0 as mentioned in node-red/LICENSE at master · node-red/node-red · GitHub. However, if I'm not mistaken, each component may also have its own license.

Thanks in advance.

What i find is this

AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) serves as an open standard for facilitating asynchronous messaging among applications. This protocol empowers users to produce, consume, and manage messages within an AMQP broker or system. Notably, there exist several implementations of AMQP brokers, such as RabbitMQ and Apache Qpid. These brokers commonly furnish APIs, allowing developers to programmatically interact with the messaging system, thereby facilitating message publishing, consumption, and management.

For local development and testing purposes, one can easily set up an AMQP broker on their localhost environment. Leveraging the broker's API, developers can seamlessly integrate messaging functionalities into their applications. This flexibility enables tailored solutions to meet diverse communication needs.

There is nothing in that repo to indicate what license the code is made available under. As such, it must be considered unlicensed.

That's entirely valid, but it does leave users in doubt over what rights they have to use it.

I'd suggest raising an issue or contacting the author of the node to see if this is intentional or just an oversight.


If I remember correctly, if there is no license, it's not open source and you have no permissions at all. You'd need to explicitly ask the author. Plus, it depends on the local copyright laws.

Github has some good docs on licensing: Licensing a repository - GitHub Docs

I also found this on stackexchange: licensing - What can I assume if a publicly published project has no license? - Open Source Stack Exchange

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For sure, don't ever use unlicensed code in a commercial or enterprise environment.

The scorecard for that node also reports multiple issues so probably best to avoid unless the author can fix things.

If the author can't/won't fix things, I would suggest giving it a low rating in the flows entry.


I can see the collaborators are vjagadeesh, adhithiyaraj and jhornback.
Can I ask, normally how does one contact the author/collaborators? I can't find their email address.

You should raise a GitHub Issue.