LIFX Switch Relay Control

Hi all!

I have just expanded my LIFX lighting to include the new LIFX Switch, to allow the control of "dumb" lighting via the built in 240v relays.

The switch works great, and via the node-red-contrib-lifx-api node collection I am able to switch / toggle all 4x relays at once over http, however according to the API doco individual relay control should be possible.

My preferred node for lifx control is node-red-contrib-node-lifx due to it leveraging local LAN control, however the LIFX Switches are not visible in the config. I have submitted an issue with the Dev via GitHub here so fingers crossed this can be added.

Has anyone had any experience with these devices, and individual relay control?

Thanks in advance!

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Just showing some support for this question! Sorry I couldn't help though...
I actually asked a similar question here too: Home Assistant: LIFX Switch - #3 by elijah.solly - Developing with LIFX - LIFX Developer Zone

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