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Lifx - ihost sonoff hub

So many to choose from. And I do not want to make the mistake of reinstalling docker all over again. Having issues with Flic and now I see my Lifx 4 button scene switch just flashing red again. As all of my cloud connected devices depend upon the connection of my internet service, I find annoying that at least one of my devices is always in error. I fell as though it just does not want to work with our internet provider so I purchased the SonOff hub strictly for the 5 items I own, as soon as I found out it does so much more, well that's why I am here...

To create a sole reliant local hub that just works !
Where do I start ?

  • (2) Lifx 2 button light switches,
  • (2) 4 button light switches
  • and one CC bulb.
    I had another but it eventually kicked the bucket.

With so many to choose from , how do I know what to pick ?

I think I need the one 1. for my color changing bulb.

But what should I choose for my switches ? ; that keep flashing red !