SonOff iHost Hub

SonOff iHost Hub - Docker Addon : Node-Red.

Appears to be a limited topic, more support from say Raspberry Pie users.

... can we expand this to FLIC devices or is this just not supported in the shell of the O/S of ihost.

The Flic addon to the pallet of Node Red, comes up with one instruction.

From what I can see, also requires a bit of JavaScript code

Is there a dictionary for this ? on how to use instruction within the iHost Hub.

The buttons have no IP addresses but given all have a MAC address. For each Bluetooth device I thought if those blue tooth devices are controlled via the hub, and I used the ip address of the hub I could use the data from that ip address as though it was a device with 64 inputs. I later discovered that I could also access the portal of the Flic 2 LR Hub. But these are all thoughts none to which may or may not be true, where do I get the answer from.

So far my Flic buttons seem to work well with LifX and HomeKit via its hub. I have been using them as test buttons as opposed to getting off my butt to switch over a light switch in order to test automation. Having two spare buttons at my disposal to play with I have 6 functions.

... But do you think I could get them to function with node-red ? Nope !

Flic Hub 2 LR - Debug 4.pdf (483.4 KB)

Flic Hub 2 LR - configuration of the device.pdf (476.4 KB)

I keep getting a connection error !

What does this mean ?

.. And I have yet to figure out what IP address Port 5551 has anything to do with my setup ?
First off, my whole router is based around 192.168.X.X

Should I not be using the address of the Flic2 LR Hub plugged into my Bell 3000 all in one ?

Help ...

You are going off on the wrong start with node-red.

Please watch this full playlist (19 short videos), it was created by the developers of node-red - it takes about 45 minutes of your time and you will understand all major concepts of node-red and its workings.

Thankyou, I think I am more concern about iHost working with Node Red, as oppose to Node Red and getting a device to run it. I only heard about Node Red when I got the iHost Hub. ... And thought oh how cool is this ! This Node Red looks awesome.