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I've installed Node Red and I have many questions regarding SonOff's 4g hub.

  • I don't know java, and I am looking for a dictionary.
  • So far I am confused with what Node-Red has to offer as videos show similar examples.
  • Zigbee installs well but of the two devices I had , both were faulty, perhaps Amazon junk.
  • NS panel (not the pro) , I have icast working on an old ipad mini 2nd generation instead but have been successful of turning on my fireplace. The only item I was missing on my display was barometric pressure and humidity. But it does what it does I guess.
  • Owning a single channel basicR3, and two 4 channel pro's (one is a 2nd gen while the other is a 3rd gen) I purchased the 2nd 4chproR3 at the same time I purchased the iHost SonOff 4g hub. Hoping to replace my allen bradely slic 500 plc running my automation in my home. Ancient running on windows XP. I was hoping all these smart switches would replace what I had.
  • Apples native HomeKit appears to communicate with my Flic, Meross and Leviton switches. Meross has seemed to work the best so far. And now thanks to my Flic Hub , I have also added a iHost hub to my HomePod and 6th Gen mini iPad running well all meshing together.
  • Having stuck those SonOff 4 channel and BasicR3 devices in a dusty cardboard box I thought I would never use them again until 2 months ago. My first attempt was simple, worked immediately. But after 1 month I wanted to dive deeper into the Rabit hole, those YouTube videos are awesome.

Now I am trying to learn Node Red without any social group or assistance on how to achieve what I have seen in these videos. I have created a virtual button, got my SonOff hub to sound off "open the pod bay door HAL" , but as simple as getting a flic button to turn on my fireplace well at least all 5 SonOff devices work with the basic basics of HomeKit.

But am looking for any advice on how I can get to get started ...

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... And now I can ?

First off, I would like to secure my credentials.

Forced to run as a Host.pdf (133.5 KB)

Credentials file.pdf (422.4 KB)

As for questions like this as I know nothing about java the hut or script writing.

Questions like these are just beyond me.

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Do I really need to install Home Assistant, I've already installed 5 -8 items I have yet understand.

Beginners Guide to Node-RED in Home Assistant (

Appears to be on a Windows device, Dos, or maybe a Raspberry π

Awesome video, I've watched this over and over again to pick up tips for my iHost SonOff Hub.