Can someone help me please as im struggling, I've just got the Hubitat hub, and want to use node red with hub, i have installed node-red-contrib-hubitat and can send commends to Hubitat to turn device on or off, using command node, but cant seem to figure out how to receive info about the device back when it changes state using the device node.The device I'm using is the aeotec plug 6.

Have you looked at this?

I had a similar problem. I had put the wrong IP address in the makerAPI app.

Thanks everyone for your reply, it was the IP address, i didn't put hubitat/webhook after IP because i didn't know. I had a Hubitat meltdown today, so had to factory reset, just after installing Sensitive strip comfort. oh i wish i backed up, but you don't think about things like that after just 2 day of receiving it.

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