Limit on ewelink event listener?

I am using nodered to create reports for usage od my ewelink/sonoff devices in my home.
In my house I have majority light switches from Sonoff.
I am using Node-res to listen to all changes in switcher and then I am streaming this data to Azure and than I amcreating reports with Power BI.
Everything is working fine with up to 4 event listeners. When I add fifth and when I deploy it, randomly one of the five listeners is disconnected. Every time i force deploy another rnadomly selected event listener is disconnected.
I was thinking that maybe there is limit for only up to 4 devices, but it makes no sense that this limit is so low.
If anyone has any idea, please let me know. Capture

I think you will need to contact the author of the node to check .

This is a known issue,. As a work around you can sign up to another ewelink account and share all the devices to that account. That will get you another 4 listeners. Could you not use one listener for all, as you could filter in the function for the deviceID

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I just tried with another account. So i create new credentials. For particular device I shared it with newly created accont, than in the node red created new listener, assign it new credentials, but i still get randomly different devices disconnected.
Any idea?

That's odd, i have 12 ewellink device nodes running using 2 accounts, as limit is 6. All working for me.

AS i said before would it not be best to us just one listener, and use the following function block or a switch to route the message using the deviceid.

Hm, I don't get it, what can be the reason, but in my case, it doesn't matter, whether i use additional ewelin credentials, one of the seved devices is dicsonnected.
I am looking to your flow, but to be honest, i don't understand it. Can you please zoom out.
Every listener needs to have specific device id, therefore i don't understand how can I use only one listener for more devices.
Thank you in advance!

hey E1cid,
Thank you very much. I figured it out. I have one generic listener, withouth deviceId specified and than i am just using switch as you mentioned. Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!

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