After installing the above mentioned node, and feeding with the credentials I get the Following error message

"RequestError: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND"

could be the region? if so how I may find the region i am registered

Thank you

Hi @JoseGodinho

that isn't a node I've seen any discussion of on the forum - you may need to contact its maintainer directly for help.

Hello @JoseGodinho,

There was an issue on how the connection was persisted and once the configuration was made it remained in the memory.
The issue was fixed in v1.0.2. You can check it out now :slight_smile:

For Europe use "eu" region code.
I will document this in the next days.

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thank you, its working now!

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anyone aware of additional documentation on use of this node besides . ??

Disclosure: I'm a total noob and learning as I go.
Many thanks

I am totally new to this ewelink library and am lost on how to create a flow to control a single sonoff switch. I have logged in with my credentials and have used the devices node to get a list of my devices but now I am lost. Does anyone have any sample flows that I can look at to see how to do this?

Be gentle - have been using node-red for 1 week only :slight_smile:

Have you read documentation?

Yes, of course I have read the documentation. That was the first thing I did.
I have managed to get a list of all my devices using the Devices node. I can then control one device using the Power State Write node. However, as soon as I add another node and enter my ewelink credentials, the first node is unable to communicate - I get an authentication error on it. Clearly there must be a way to add more than one ewelink node using the same credentials? No mention in the documentation of credentials or this problem.

Are you creating a 2nd config instead of reusing the first config that worked on your first node?

As I don't know you setup I can only assume (based on your statement "managed to get a list of all my devices using the Devices node") that all of your devices are under 1 account, so I would say you only need 1 config (and thus only enter credentials once)

Thanks for the reply. I agree that I thought I would only need 1 account config. However after entering my credentials into the first node, all is well. When I then add another ewelink node for another device and need to select credentials, I choose the previously entered credentials. When I then save the setup the first node stops communicating and the second starts communicating. I don't understand this behaviour.

Might just bite the bullet and flash all the devices with tasmota.

If you believe you are doing everything right & the node is misbehaving, it would be beneficial to the whole community if the problem was reported and fixed for everyone to benefit.

I would suggest you raise an issue on the repo and link the issue back to this forum thread.

The author seems to be responding to issues in a fairly timely fashion.

Thanks for the reply. After much frustration I have managed to get all my nodes working using this library. I had to change my login credential region to EU for some inexplicable reason. So if anyone else is having hassles, try a different region setting: the choices are us, eu, as, cn.

Probably something to do with the structure of their server network. It can't help that you are running a NR node wrapped around a node.js library talking to a remote API. All three seem to have had issues raised involving credentials. Authentication is handled differently in China than the rest of the world (discussion of politics omitted) and inter-server communication is restricted in certain ways. You can be happy you have a fix and hope it stays fixed.

I am using node-red-contrib-ewelink.
Few days ago, I received new zigbee ewelink sensors (temperature/humidity, motion, wifi/switch).
From what I see, current node is not supporting that kind of devices.
When I try to get temperature/humidity from the sensor, I get this error: 7/20/2020, 10:42:46 PMnode: 8a293b4a.ef64a8
msg.payload : Object
error: 500
msg: "Can't read sensor data from device"

Somehow I think I can get over through "devices" node, but it is very complicated.