Node-red-contrib-ewelink Library isse

Dear All,
I have been trying to connect SonOff devices with nodered but am facing issues with the installation of Library node-red-contrib-ewelink. On Manage Pallet, I am getting two options: node-red-contrib-ewelink and node-red-contrib-ewelink-copy, and both of them are not getting installed while generating errors. I have also attached pictures. Also, when I installed the library before, it was showing disconnected all the time while the credentials were correct. Kindly guide the best way possible for connecting SonOFF devices with nodered.

  1. You may try to install the old version, you can find it in the npm versions as the picture above.

2.Are you attemping to connect SONOFF by zigbee?Then zigbee2mqtt is a good option, have you considered?

Thanks at last for getting the older version installed, but now I am facing another problem: the node is getting disconnected all the time, even though my credentials are accurate, as you can see in the screenshot.

Could you give the whole error log in text for us reference?

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