eWeLink node: Power State (out) just give the statement, no action to switch on/off devices

Device: Channel Pam Hidroponik - state "on" in eWeLink app

1st state - inject toggle
2nd state - inject on
3rd state - inject off
nothing change on app and devices


There is Two different pwer state blocks. best to use device node for on and off of most sonoff devices.
[edit] I recall the power state nodes mainly work with the 4 channel/wall switches sonoff devices.

Power state (read) - read the power state of a device
power state (write) - to set the power state (on off) of a device.
device - to turn on off a device
devices - to get state and info of devices.
event listener - to listen to events from device in real time

This ewelink node and app work best when not registered to same account, set up 2 accounts and share all devices. One for node-red and one for your app.

hi E1cid.. thanks for your fast response...
i tried to follow ur instruction...
using 2 different account,
and use device node,
then power state (write) to control..
but the result is same.. i can't switch on/off the ewelink from node red...

Then there is an issue with node or you are suppling wrong object to node, supply an example flow. with example object in inject node.

or maybe im using old version of ewelink palette?
how do i remove the old version and install the new one? it say conflict...

you need to remove any nodes being used, before you can remove node.Or using console use npm uninstall. If that fails you would have to go into the nodes module folder and delete ewelink files.

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