Limit Rows in UI_Table

I have a flow that uses ui_table to display data. It's pulling from a internet source and after a period of time my Chrome tab that displays the table becomes unresponsive. I'm thinking there is a limit on how much "info" I can pass to ui_table without my browser crashing or giving me fits?

Is there a way to limit the # of rows to display in ui_table to 50 or 75 rows?

can you change your query to filter/limit the number of results from the source ? or you can filter before passing to the table.

I am filtering. Still a lot of data, about a row a second or so.

I've looked through the documentation and haven't found anything limiting the # of rows. My last resort would be to read all the data to a database and then read the table from the database every second, remove the old data and put new data in the table. Seems like a lot of work just to limit the # of rows.

Can't you use a js array filter function before you transmit to the table?

I'm saying I want to see all the data that is being displayed in the table...but I only need to see that data for 10 or so seconds to verify the data visually and then it can be removed from the table.

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