Ui-table filter issue

I have created a dashboard which uses the ui-table node & mssql-plus nodes.
Here is what i have when i add 20 rows to my db and table on node red

The 3 filters work well and there are no issues.

When i increase the number of entries in my DB to say 200 and then do a filter, i notice that there is an issue with the filter as the ID column gets messed up somehow.

I have 2 issues now

Issue #1 - BR3 onwards is missing at the row number 3

Issue #2 - The row numbers don't match the BR numbers as seen in the previous image of 20 DB entries.

Here are some snaps of the filter when there are 20 entries

Here are some snaps of the filter when there are 200 entries.

I am sure a picture speaks a thousand words. Hope these images are useful to understand my issue :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated.

What is the database query you are using to get the filtered data?
What does the db schema look like?

I am writing to a DB every second. But for some reason, my table on node red doesn't get refreshed.
So i am refreshing the table everytime something is written to the db

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