Node-red-node-ui-table row data disappears after period of time

Hello all,

Here is my background:
I have dashboard set up with a table using node-red-node-ui-table and I have created 5 columns in the node's configuration. When I inject row data, it will work as expected with my data shown.

After some length of time, the table row data disappears. Only the header columns are present, which is what was established in the node's configuration. Case in point, yesterday at around 2pm I was interacting with the data in Node-Red and when I was done there was a table with data in it. After signing back into the dashboard this morning (approximately 9am), that row data is now gone and I cannot figure out why in order to keep my data present. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this standard behavior?

Node-Red Version:1.0.0
Dashboard Version: 2.19.1
Node-Red-Node-UI-Table Vesion: 0.2.1

Thanks for your help in advance!

Edit 1: It disappears on a dashboard webpage refresh as well.

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