Limiting repeat notifications

Ok, I'm fairly new to Node-Red, but I have used flow based automation before. I know enough to tinker and make some sloppy flows. Right now I'm having an issue with limiting repeat notification triggers. I know I'm missing some logic that I can't think of. I ended up splitting out a few things to troubleshoot, but I feel like there's a cleaner solution. Can anyone help educate me on how to construct my flow better?

Hi @Sitruk welcome to the forum.

What are all these blue nodes? They are not core node-red nodes.

Am I right in thinknig those are Home Automation nodes? If so, you wont get a great deal of help here - you may have more luck in the HA forum.

That said, I can answer partly....

If you mean something "the same" happens and you only wish for the message to flow once (or when it changes) then the RBE (aka filter) node is probably what you need.

This might help:

Yes home assistant. That's fair.
Yes, I'm trying to get it to not notify me that I'm home if I was already at home.I'll check that out.

Thank you for your assistance!

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