Simple condition question


I´m totally new to Node Red.
I´m trying to make a flow that unlocks my door when I arrive to my house based on my location.
It works really good but now I´m trying to add other family members to the flow.

The unlock part calls some cloud APIs to unlock the door. My problem is I don´t want the flow to start sending multiple API requests if more then one family member arrives at the same time.

What function can I use to block the flow from countinuing if it´s already triggered/running from other family member?

Hope it´s understandable :slight_smile:

One way could be to use the trigger node in trigger and block mode.

The delay node can be set to rate limit mode where you can limit messages to 1 every X second & drop intermediate messages.

Thanks for the answers!

I will try both options :slight_smile:

If you just want to stop the same message being sent multiple times that you can use a Filter node (used to be called RBE) to block messages with the same content as the previous one. Thus if you send multiple Unlock messages then only the first one will get through.

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