Line chart with x-axis formatted as duration (ex. "42H")



I'm going to run a simple experiment: discharge a battery and register its voltage for several days or even weeks.
And I want the data to be shown on a line chart with x-axis formatted as duration (ex. "42H").

Note: data points may have fractional duration (ex. 12.34H). I could format the data using labeled categories "0.0H", "0.1H", "0.2H" and so on. But in that case x-axis on the chart becomes ugly - with fractional number labels. So it's not an option.



Not sure that the simple line chart available is quite that flexible - but I may be wrong, I don't really use it.

However, while more work to set up, if you really want to do things like this with timeseries data, you would be well served using InfluxDB with Grafana as a dashboard. InfluxDB can easily restructure data on the fly to whatever time interval you want. Including doing averages, max/min calculations, etc.



Thanks, I'll read up.