Linediagram wit Milestones

I am measureing the temperature of my pond and output it in a lieniendiagram over 2 weeks.
I have always had points that I had a sudden drop in temperature. Meanwhile I know that most of the drops throu the automatic refilling of the water comes.
Now I have a question about the diagram

  1. I can add a line or point in the diagram which one can recognize, I think that a vertical lienie is best in the 2 week period to recognize the action.
  2. since I am currently expanding my node red and occasionally restartr, my data from 2 weeks are gone and I can not test a view over 2 weeks. Is there a way that one makes the data for this period permanently without this always write/read to a database?

You need a way to make the data persistent and the obvious way is a database. So why don't you want to use a database?

What platform is Node-RED running on?

I am running raspberry and having a maria db on synology NAS.
My Pi 4 is running on ssd and having 80 GB frees space to avoid network traffic.

so install sqlite on the pi and install node-red-node-sqlite in NR and use that to store the data. Then you you won't have a network issue

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