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Hello everybody

I now have 4 Shellys. 2 connected via MQTT .. if they are switched on or off, an ON or an OFF comes in Nodered. The other 2 Shellys are switched on and off via http request. How do I manage now that if both Shellys send the MQTT Status On, then the other Shellys are switched on via the http request?
Many Thanks..

Hello @automati ,

I do not have Shelly in place, but I guess you can receive also MQTT messages from those devices you are switching with http, can‘t you?

I am reading from all my devices the status message (coming via MQTT) independent, if I switch them with MQTT or Alexa or whatever.

Or maybe I did not get your point…

If you are not able to connect them via MQTT there might be a way to call a status page, which serves the status to you?


EDIT: Reading your post again, I am asking myself, if you maybe do not want to get the status, but you want to switch the other (http) devices, if the (MQTT) devices have been switched? Do you know the http-out node? This might help you sending the http-request. And, if it is important that both are „On“ you can join the payloads first.

As @Ranki says you will need to join the two messages from MQTT into one message in order to look at both values at the same time. See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

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