LIRC input node

I'm building a lighting feature that I want to control with an IR remote but haven't found any LIRC input node (something like the serial node would be ideal).

I'll be using a first gen Pi-0 so no BT or WIFI (this will be in the garden and wouldn't be in range of those anyway).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Are you sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok,you asked....

If memory serves me, LIRC is an IR application that sends (and receives) IR commands. Typically to a TV/other remote controlled system right? (Thinking back to my XBMC days)

So essentially this could be achieved with standard nodes and a serial node but it's certainly not a simple/beginners task and you wish to provide a nice easy to use interface via custom node(s)? It's certainly a worthy addition IMO.

Perhaps when you get this going you will share what components you used and perhaps a video or something demonstrating it in action?

So to think about how users would provide commands to your LIRC node... Do you intend to have a separate LIRC-CONFIG node where you can select the appliance and a LIRC-OUT node that provides a list of available commands to the a user? Will you add ability for user to send a msg input into the node to trigger LIRC outputs dynamically? Perhaps using the database names like "SRC" "LEFT" "V+" etc?. Would you be introducing the ability for users to send a string of commands like "SRC", "RIGHT", "OK" (like a macro)? With a configurable delay between commands? Also, for more advanced users, the ability to send raw codes and other properties like send_once, send_start, send_stop etc? And permit the user to send these commands dynamically via an input msg? E.g. suppose the user builds a UI simulating a remote control, he may wish to do this by sending varying payloads {object} and)or topics to a single LIRC node?

On the flip side, are you also intending on having a LIRC-IN node where commands can be received by the node-red to provide a means of remote controlling actions (flows)? That would be sweet and possibly a great addition. Picture automation guys being able to pick up any old remote and have node-red do a bunch of tasks based on the input from a spare remote control they have laying around. :+1:

Lastly, are you updating the old node-red-contrib-lirc node or is this a new beast? Perhaps you could use it as a base or starting point if not?