LIRC with node-red docker

I had an old Medion X10 remote laying around, that I liked to use for controlling my home. It's a RF remote with usb receiver. I successfully installed LIRC on the host, and learned the codes for the remote. I now want these button presses inside node-red to trigger actions. Node-red itself is running in a docker container on the host.

I succeeded by spinning up another container docker-lirc-watcher, that connects to the lirc socket on the host and send the commands over mqtt. It has some extra code for detecting long presses, but that isn't working for me. Because of this and because my host is already a bit overloaded, I want to get rid of this extra container and let node-red directly connect to LIRC.

Is it possible to connect to a Unix socket from node-red inside a container? The other container can do it with python, does node-red offer a similar way?
Another option is to run the irw command, but again this needs to be executed on the host to work.
Do I even need LIRC to receive the remote commands?

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