List the db connections in MSSQL-CN

Hello Everyone !

I have quite a few connections in MSSQL-CN, established with databases to use the MSSQL PLUS node.
I would like to regularly check the list of these connections, as well as their properties:
name , server, port, username, and if it is possible the connection status (if the db is reachable or not).
The connection are all on SQL server DB.

After days of research, I still have no clue how to do it ! With a function node ? Or there is an existing node that can do it ?

Any advice will be welcome !

Thanks for your help

You could form a simple query like SELECT @@SERVERNAME as server, SERVERPROPERTY('Edition') AS Edition, GetDate() as serverTime and a whole bunch more

If you get a response, the server is online (full end 2 end check)

If you do not get a response, it is not.

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