Listen to all sub-messages on a MQTT path

Im wondering if it is possible to set up an MQTT-in node to listen to a root string url, passing all subsequent actions.

If i setup my MQTT path as: /level_1/room_1/lights/ceiling and configure my MQTT-in node to /level_1/room_1/ i want to receive all room actions.

Is it possible to subscribe to shortend url's somehow?

Hi @novski

You can use a wildcard subscription to do exactly this.

Subscribe to /level_1/room_1/#

Also if you read through this guide it will tell you virtually all you need to know about MQTT. MQTT Essentials - All Core Concepts explained

It is recommended you do not start a topic with a /

Never use a leading forward slash

A leading forward slash is permitted in MQTT. For example, /myhome/groundfloor/livingroom . However, the leading forward slash introduces an unnecessary topic level with a zero character at the front. The zero does not provide any benefit and often leads to confusion.

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