Load variables for shopping list

for my wife I created a shopping list ....

I save the value (name - true/false) into a file txt ...


and I load this values into more variables with this code (this is the best I got)

It's works fine from many months but the "problem" is when I want to add (or delete) one object of the list, because I am forced to renumber all the objects as it's written the code ....

Example: if I delete the object "Arance", the next object "Avocado" becomes x[3] and not more x[4] and all the next consequently and they are about 90 ...

How I can improve the code to avoid the renumbering?

It would help if you provided the complete flow. There may be another way to do what you want.

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You have an array of data so you can walk the array rather than trying to copy/paste many times.

There are various ways to do that. I tend to use something like

const x = msg.payload
let p = flow.get( 'prodotto' ) || {}

x.forEach( product => {
    p[product.name] = product.state 
} )

flow.set( 'prodotto', p )


Obviously you may have to play with things to match your data.

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Oh yesss ..
Thank you @TotallyInformation , thank you very much !

@TotallyInformation sorry ..... don't work

'prodotto' is not the name of the variable, prodotto is the value (true/false) of every variable with the name Aceto, Affettati, Albicocche ...

Into array (see txt) I have col1 (the name) and col2 (the value)

I'd like to read the array (x) and for every object set a variable with name col1 value
and value col2 value

How can I modify your code?

you would need to share some example data in a form that allows copying into an example.

No problem, I'll use my old code. Thank you again ....

That hard work ...... (for my skills of course)

const x = msg.payload;
x.forEach(element => {
    let prodotto
    prodotto = ((element.col2) === "true") ? true : false
    flow.set((element.col1), prodotto);
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