Local testing setup guide for node-red development


Is there a guide or set of procedures available for setting your local development environment using the unit test supplied in the node-red core project? I see that the unit tests use grunt, and istanbul, however, upon my first attempt to set them up, they are not working. I have a PR I'd like to push though, but blocked but some of the specific nodejs tests. If I could setup my local development to run these tests, that would be a big help.

Thank you

Rory Savage

Hi Rory,

it should just be:

  1. clone the repository
  2. run npm install to get the dependencies, including dev dependencies
  3. run grunt to run the default task which builds the code and runs the unit test suite

When running a travis build through a PR, we also run some automated UI testing on Node 10 - but those tests are not passing reliably yet, so you can generally ignore any failures on Node 10 at the moment. Hoping to get that sorted soon.

Thank you! I will try this out right away.

My build is now passing with the exception of node 10 (as you mentioned), is there anyway we can get this PR pushed through? Right now I have to manage a local patch and I'd rather have the upstreamed version.



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