Local weather group for Dashboard


So pity to invent the wheel again.
I wonder if someone already built a group for the Dashboard to present in nice graphical or pseudo-graphical way a local weather:

  • Current weather;
  • Forecast weather.

Most front-ends start with local weather examples. Likely Node-Red has one example/tutorial too. I just can’t find it. Please, point me.

I found openweathermap node which brings JSON data of current weather or 5-day-forecast.
As well, I found Weather-Icons which supposed to help with representation of codes into symbols.

However, I can’t find working example or tutorial.

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Try https://flows.nodered.org/?term=weather&num_pages=1



Oh, yes, forgot to mention Node-Red library was searched and checked out.
It has mostly examples of JSON processing into alerts, or conversion into other formats.
There are 3-4 examples of visual widgets.

There is not example of full weather status or forecast in the library.



have a look here - https://community.openenergymonitor.org/t/node-red-weather-services-and-dashboards/2841/3



Just be aware of the imminent demise of Weather Underground.



Exactly this is what I was looking for.
Interesting to have the flow of Paul.

This is why the OWM is preferred option. However, god knows which of these services lasts longer…

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Ok, let’s agree the Paul’s example is unreachable and I am too lazy (lege artis coder) to program the same thing myself.

An alternative way to have similar result with minimal effort (laziness rules!) is placing into a group a <div> or page or content from other meteorological web-site.

The HMTL node does not do that.
Maybe template node?



Do you have a bit more on this?

Ah, just found this:



That’s a shame.
I’ve used wunderground for a few years now, as I can use it to access weather data from an airport (I live about 2 miles away from one).
I’ll have a look around and see where else I can get that data from… probably use ICAO METAR data which by law has to be accurate & reliable.



Yes, the airport data is good if you happen to live fairly close. Though it doesn’t tend to have the depth of information that WU could provide via integration of user submitted data.

Annoyingly, the OWM sensor nearest to me is not very reliable, especially for pressure readings.




Meanwhile Paul polishes the perfect weather group for the dashboard, there is another solution (continuing the idea of lazy coder).

  1. Add to your flow the Inject node. Set it to trigger timestamp on start and every 30 minutes (more or less to your taste).
  2. Add to your flow the template node.
  3. Choose your favorite service which provides “free weather widgets for your web-site”.
  4. Tune your widget in that service, copy-paste the code into template node.
  5. Connect inject node to template node.
  6. Arrange node location in groups and tabs.

Have fun! The result is awesome and exactly by your personal favor. And total 5-10 minutes to sort this out.
Still waiting for Node-REDdish proper solution from Paul :wink:

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Hardly perfect - far from it!
...but I've posted the flow below.
The flow needs a couple of extra nodes to run;
node-red-contrib-persist - so the chart data is not lost after a reboot etc.
node-red-contrib-credentials - to protect api keys that are used in function nodes.

I use both Darksky and Wunderground, that way, I find that I get a more comprehensive weather picture, so you'll need api keys for both. However, as the future of 'free' wunderground api's is uncertain, you will probably want to adapt it to use an alternative service.

weather_flow.txt (40.3 KB)


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Wunderground has deprecated their API :cry:



Yes, sad news. I'm now using Darksky instead of Wunderground.



I'm using a mix of Darksky, Accuweather and OpenWeather for my updated processing. Still only really got as far as integrating the current temperature and humidities with my house sensors. None of these services give particularly accurate readings for me - even though I'e selected my home city, some of the sensors are miles away where the weather is actually significantly different.

There is nothing useful to replace Wunderground for me. For the moment, I'm averaging things out

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Me neither!

I live less than a mile away from Doncaster Airport, and with Wunderground I was able to select the airport as a data source, and the results were spot on.
Darksky does get the same data from the Airport, however it's then processed and remodelled, which for me gives inaccurate results.
Like you, I'm going to get data from another source (probably METAR) and fill in the gaps with Darksky.




Well, you are only about 25 miles away from me. Much of the data for Sheffield comes from airports, some of it from Manchester airport which is the other side of the Pennines!

At least you are close enough to use the METAR data though.

Eventually, I'll get round to replacing the Oregon Scientific sensor in the living room which is really meant to be for outdoor use. Then I can actually move that outdoors and at least get accurate temperature and humidity readings.

I'm 600ft up facing towards Doncaster(ish) so there is little between us and the North Sea :slight_smile:, With the Pennines behind us, it makes for "interesting" weather.

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Following on from our previous discussion (above), I've charted a comparison between a METAR api (blue trace), Darksky api (red trace), and a temperature sensor in my garden (yellow trace), and none of them are that far apart when reading the temperature.
The METAR feed looks clunky as its resolution is to a degreeC, and the api only updates every 20 minutes, whilst the others have finer resolution, and are updated every 5 minutes.

All three readings relate to the same 1/2 mile radius. (I live next to an airport!)

I feel a bit happier about using Darksky now!



I have noticed a trend in that several Smart Home solutions are using YR.no as weather service. Maybe an alternative to the others



Interesting. I'd always assumed that it only covered Norway but it seems I was wrong. Not entirely clear where it gets its data from for the UK. I see Airports listed, that's standard, they all use that. But I also see Netatmo in there too which might be interesting.

I'll add it to my data when I get a chance to see how it compares for me locally. It does have some local(ish) places listed but I'm not sure whether those are just from the geonames or whether they have actual data.