Location of httpStatic

I have set httpStatic: '/media/usbHDD/nas/', in my settings.js file everything is working fine however my question is can I retrieve this information in a function node.?

A possible solution (not sure if there is another way) is to add a property to functionGlobalContext in settings.js. Then it can be easily retrieved in a function node.
It is a sort of double work (as you already created httpStatic entry in settings.js but it works.


    functionGlobalContext: {

Then recover with

var test1 = global.get('myStatic');

I think that you should be able to do something like mystatic: this.httpStatic so you only set it once.

Alternatively, set a const outside the exports and use the value in both places.

If you are writing custom nodes, you can retrieve the values in settings.js but I don't know that you can otherwise.