Logging all activity

I'm looking to get a log of all activity in NR, similar to how Home Assistant logs automations.
I would like to be able to have the input and result of every node visible in a file in a logical way. I've seen many of the logging addons/extensions (what are those things called exactly?), but they all are basically an extended debug node, where it only logs whatever input it gets. These aren't ideal, so I'm looking for something better.

Is there an option or an addon that allows you to log any and all activity in your flow, without adding an endless number of nodes?

In short, I don't believe that is possible.

Each node is responsible for its own logging and unless some specific logging has been included in a node, all logging goes to the Node-RED log.

Of course, you can turn up the output of the log to see trace, audit, and metrics. And you can create a custom log function to filter out the noise.

I managed to get it done by using a specific design pattern where a central node handles and routes each message. Using that pattern, the central dispatcher can be extended to do the logging. The pattern is called command object design pattern for which I have an implementation for node red in the flow library. But as it's a general pattern you can implement it yourself as well or even find any other design pattern that may do the job for you.

Edit: Just reread your requirement. Well, what I described is not suitable for logging each and every node's activity. It's suitable in general to log let's say user activity or event based activity.

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