Login redirection

I am trying to navigate to a page after the user successfully logs into the login page.
How can I do that?

Hi @SamratChaudhuri

do you mean the login page of the Node-RED editor? There is no option to redirect to another page - it's a login for the editor, so takes you to the editor.

What are you trying to do?

So I am basically uploading my ML Project on Node red.
I need a registration page where the user is going to register.
A login page from where he will login
And the after successfully logging in he'll be redirected to a page where he can feed data in the provided database or check results if he wishes to...
Is that possible?

It sounds more like you are building an application with Node-RED, and the login you want is related to your application and not the Node-RED editor itself... is that right?

If so, you can create whatever HTTP routes giving whatever HTTP responses you need to create a web app.

Where have you got to so far?

Yes...I'm trying to build a web application.
I have knowhow of the ML Model. I can build it. I can build a login page and input page too and connect to database.
It's the redirection I need some help with...I'm not well versed with html and can't understand how to use template to connect my login page to the result or input page.

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