Login screen code running on IBM Cloud does not work on Raspbian

I have a working example of a login screen (using http nodes) on IBM Cloud.
The same code, running on Raspbian or Windows, using the same version of Node-Red (1.3.3) in the same browser does not work!
When I click on the login button, a red screen with a text "login failed" should be shown.
Running the same code on Raspbian, I see the text in the login screen. Also the URL is not changed.


[{"id":"b2b0179b.e20208","type":"comment","z":"850cb06e.855cd","name":"Run in browser: localhost:1880/test","info":"","x":200,"y":80,"wires":[]}]

The difference with running on IBM Cloud and Raspbian is that the first is a https connection with a domain name and the second is a http connection with IP address. What is going on?

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