Login /users on dashboard

Looking for some help. I built a nice UI Dashboard with plenty of tools (some still under development). I am a victim to my own success though as management has seen the tools I use and wants to roll them out to department heads and supervisors. The want some tools to be available to one group and a subset to another. They need to be able to log-in via Google. If anyone hits the "/ui/" page and is not logged in , it needs to take them to a log in screen. Add to this, the management wants to know who is hitting/utilizing which page.

I have searched and searched about hardening a dashboard. Bringing Node-red up to V2+ does give "users", but not to the level they want. Has anyone had luck doing this? I have found very little and what I have found is either (a) outdated, (b) not supported, (c) no longer developed, or (d) not documented.

I would daresay that you have probably wandered into the uibuilder realm -- much more work for you to develop, but it provides the flexibility to provide multiple user experiences and middleware access security.

You can (sorta) provide some simple access control to the dashboard pages, using the ui_control node, as this old discussion suggests. While certainly not enterprise level security, it may be enough to satisfy your management's needs...

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