Logs of my flow

Hi everyone,
I want to see the logs for all my flows(debugs/events of my flow) in Node-Red.
Can anyone help me with any information.

I am running my Node-red in my local machine.

So, please share me the path where do the logs of flows are saved in Node-Red environment.


And that machine is?? a Pi, a Mac, a linux machine, windows, running docker?

Yes, sorry to reply late
I am using Linux machine as local machine.

Also needed to do the same in running docker later on.

Can anyone here help me with my query?

Most versions of Linux use systemd to run services. As such you can use journalctl to show the logs.
Docker has its own logs and log viewing commands I think.

If you installed using the Debian/Ubuntu/Pi installation script then the command
uses journalctl to display the log. If you did not install that way then something like
sudo journalctl -f -n 50 -u nodered
should get you going.
Also they are written to /var/log/syslog, but mixed up with all the other system messages.

Hi Colin,
the path provided by you is container path or local machine path?

Let me check once @Colin

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