Where is the node-red log (running from command line on ubuntu)

I'm going through Securing Node-RED (Securing Node-RED : Node-RED ) and the article references the settings file page which states that "If you are not sure which settings file Node-RED is using, you should check the log output when Node-RED starts up. It will log the full path to the file:" I've been googling around looking for how to find the log output. This article (Where can I read Node Red logs?) seems to say there could be several places (I'm running from Terminal - is this the same thing as "Command line"?). I've tried to find var/log/syslog but am unable to. Basically, I'm trying to verify which setting file NR is using. Thank you for your patience with me!

It appears in the terminal when you run node-red-start.
Or you can get it with node-red-log
Or using the journalctl command.
Also it goes in /var/log/syslog.

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@Colin Thank you sir! Found it!

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