Node-red Error Log File Location

Good Evening!!

I was running in node-red on windows PC, no interrupt on my node flow.
But, here I have problem in My Local Disk: "C" drive memory has raising day by day.
As my knowledge Node-red Error Log File is stored in drive "C".
I can't find the log file location in my PC. Kindly support to solve the issue.


Pc OS : Windows 10

On Windows, you have to know how you started Node-RED as that defines where the log goes (if anywhere).

I can't find that, please could you able to send any sample path image on windows.

Now, I have uploaded example image for error log.

image (1)

Note : This error log image taken from ubuntu platform. pm2 status

Windows does not redirect console output to a log file by default

To capture output you need to redirect it:

node-red > node-red-log.log

This will create a new file each time you start node-red

So if you want to append:

node-red >> node-red-log.log

If you want separate logs:

node-red 2>node-red-error.log 1>node-red-log.log

Or if you like to mix outputs (stdout & stderr) in one single file you can use:

node-red > node-red.log 2>&1

Node v12 is REALLY old and no longer in support. You should be on Node 18LTS at least

If you use PM2 for running node-red on Ubuntu (rather than the usual method using systemd) then you will have to do something to manage the logs. Using systemd logs are automatically rotated.

Okay, I will update.

No, not really. You absolutely need to find out how you are running Node-RED. You've not even shared where those log files exist.

There are multiple ways to start long-running services on Windows. Look in Task manager, there is a "start-up apps" section, right-click on the column headings are add the startup type and command line columns then look for Node-RED.

Good Morning,

Thank you so much for sharing this information. I will check and revert back

As your above message, I had look into task manager options there is no node-red app icon present. I have attached the corresponding image as given.

This is for your reference.

Is it that you have forgotten how you installed and run node red, or have you taken over the system from someone else?

Yeah, sure. I will look into to solve this error.

That is a very short list. Much shorter than a standard PC I think. So I don't think you are seeing everything. Is that a corporately managed PC? If so, I would imagine that Node-RED is being run under a different service ID?

Alternatively, I see that you are using Siemens TIA - I think that might have Node-RED built-in but I think that is a remote instance not local?

Of course, that is remote instance. In, task scheduler there is node-red task is running.

In that case, you do know how Node-RED is running? What are the parameters/settings?