Long delay in node-red startup (WIN10)

nodered 0.19.6, node.js 10.15.3 Win10 x64 LE

Nodered will hang during the loading process.

I normally start nodered by getting a Admin Command prompt and then type in 'node-red" + Enter, nodered will start to load, (I have made the messages shorter in this post but on my pc I can see the original messages.)

"Welcome to nodered...."

[info] Node-RED version....
[info] Node.js ......
[info] Windows_NT ........

and then it stops!! If I turn off the WIFI it will resume loading

[info] Loading palettes........

I am on a WAN without any internet connections. As long as my WIFI connection is turned on Nodered will refuse to continue and if it is turned off it loads really quickly.

Have anyone any ideas what it is that Nodered is waiting for?

If I have the laptop connected to a SSID that has internet access it loads perfectly without any problems, it is only on SSID with no internet connections I see this problem.

Where should I start looking?

I see you are using an old version of node red and your version of node.js is not the last of the 10.x releases. Does that mean that it used to work ok and has stopped working?

If not then is there a reason you have installed obsolete versions?

Unless you have a good reason then I would suggest upgrading to the latest versions, it may not help but at least it rules those out.
Also make sure that you don't have any contrib nodes installed that you are not using. You can look in Manage Palette to find those, though I am not sure whether that feature was available in that version. The reason for uninstalling them is that it may be a contrib node causing the problem and so removing any you don't need is a good idea.

Hi, if you are behind a proxy (probably same effect if there is no internet) when node is starting, you can get a 3min delay.

See this thread...

Essentially, set an env var SET NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER=1 before launching node-red.

Genious!! I have gotten 3 minutes back of my life :slight_smile:

Maybe I should update to a new version but I don't see a painless easy way to update node-red on windows.

Anyways, thanks!!

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