Looking for suggestions on multiple copies of a flow

I am using NR for my home automation and have come up with a flow that I like a lot allows me to have synchronized control of a device (typically a switch or bulb) from many different interfaces (hubitat, alexa, google home, NR dashboard).

So I end up making copies of the flow for each device. What I have found is that some of the nodes (NR dashboard, SmartNora, Hubitat, storage into context variables) must be customized for the specific device.

  1. I am looking for suggestions, for how I can go through the following sequence effectively:
  2. Copy the flow
  3. Update those nodes that require customization
  4. Update Link-in Link-out nodes to point to their counterparts tied to this particular device, not the copy source

My challenge is that I want to make sure I have updated them all before deploying as missing an update can generate weird results until the missed update is found.

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