Add a new Flow to the nr Library

I want to share my smart thermostat flow(s) to the nr flow library.

I sign in and fill in the form, copy the json code etc and hit the 'Create Flow' .. and nothing happens?! :roll_eyes:

"This will create a private gist, owned by you, on GitHub and add it to the Node-RED flow library on your behalf."

No new gist appears in my github account.

Being a newbie I know I'm doing something wrong .. any help or tips would be appreciated.


Panic over .. was trying to upload all flows at once.
System only allows one flow at a time.

Full iHome DIY Smart Thermostat system now in Collections .. just search for 'iHome Smart Thermostat'.

Hope it is of use and if there are any 'influencers' .. please apply for the Free Offer of a complete iHome kit on the website.

enjoy :grinning:

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