Github and a flow I uploaded


A while ago I went though the motions of making a calculator.

Nothing too fancy, but to play with buttons and be a bit of help for people.

Out of curiosity I was looking in the library for Node-Red and I can't find it.

Is that a problem with the library or what?

Thanks in advance.



You haven't given enouge information. Please be more specific.

  1. Did you create a flow that included UI noes to display the calculator?
  2. What does github have to do with this?
  3. are you still running the same flows?
  4. did you export the flow into the node-red library?


I am sorry I didn't give enough information, but it is not something I do every day.

I was messing around with the GUI and buttons.
I had problems with them and after working out how to use the buttons, I wrote the calculator FLOW to share with people.

It is a basic calculator with the 0 - 9 buttons, basic maths buttons (+ - * / and =).

And a result box/display.

There is also a CLEAR and CLEAR ALL button.

To me that is confusing, but I have to "dance to the music playing" if I want to be accepted.
I wrote out a fairly detailed description on how to use the flow and what it did/doesn't do.

It was accepted - or so I thought. I didn't really keep tabs on it. It went in and there were no errors reported to me, so "it worked".

To upload it I went to the FLOWS button (top right of the page. Just beside the github button) and clicked on the "Add a flow" button and went though the motions put to me.

That sent me to github.
To submit flows github is required - from what I see/saw.
So I had to make a github login, and upload it via it.

As stated, there were no errors reported back to me at the time, so I didn't think it "failed".
But it isn't there.

It was a while back now. I can't even guess at a date so I won't pretend to offer one.

Is that any clearer?

WRT point 3:
I don't get what you mean. It is not a "backed up flow" but more one I wrote and wanted to share in the library.

Sorry I can't be any clearer. But I am telling you what I know/remember.



I'm not aware of any issues - and I see others have added flows quite recently.

If you can't remember what you called it or when you did it, there's not much I can do to check the logs for any errors.

However, the reason it requires you to login with a github account is that it stores the flow in your own github account as a 'gist'.

If you go to<Insert Your GitHub username here> you may find it listed there. If it is, please share the full url to it and I will be able to use that to see if I can find it in the Flow Library database.



After a bit of digging, it was shortly after 1 July.

Because I had this thread going while I was writing it:
My calculator thread

And I know about that time I completed it and uploaded it.



sign onto GitHub then go to and you should see the following

notice under your icon/image is 'See all of your gists'?

click on that and you should see any gists you uploaded.



Although not good news, it would seem I don't have any. :frowning:

Yeah, "security issue" at my end. Maybe.

Confused - locally.