Problem adding flow to Node-RED flow library

I can't seem to add a flow to the library. I'm getting 413 Request Entity Too Large from the dev console. The flow I'm attempting to upload can't be posted here due to the character limit, but is available at Learn JSONata with examples (manually created) · GitHub the file is 97kb

Is there a way around this?

Not sure what the issue is, It imported ok for me.

I clicked on raw then copy paste.

Can you tell us exactly what you are doing that causes the problem?

Heading over to Library - Node-RED and filling out the 4 fields with the required info and clicking create flow.

To clarify, I am not having any problems importing a flow.

Am I to assume that this is just a limitation put in place for the Node-RED library? What is the appropriate method for sharing large flows, and making them as accessible as possible?

Do I need to break it down into multiple smaller flows? What is the file size limit, I can't find anything in the documentation about this. Or perhaps just have a link to the raw text uploaded elsewhere?

I can't remember what the specific limit is, but is related to how we upload the flows to GitHub.

The workaround is:

  1. Create your flow with a readme and a placeholder flow.
  2. Once created, you will find a new gist in your GitHub account with the readme and flow in. You can then update the flow on GitHub.
  3. Once updated, go back to the flow library and click the refresh link in the sidebar. That will update with the new content from GitHub.

Thank you, this worked perfectly.

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