Looking for the cron-like node/flow

Hi! I am looking for the cron-like node.
I need to send messages using editable playlist which works similar way as the crontab file. For example (pseudo code):
19/07/19 21:00 {"topic":"topic1, "payload":"payload1"}
19/07/19 21:05 {"topic":"topic2, "payload":"payload2"}
I will appreciate any ideas/suggestions.

Do you mean you want those messages sent each day at that time, or what?

Have you looked at this node?
The title suggests it might do what you're looking for.


It's a bit basic unfortunately is that node. So if you are wanting, for example, to pass the schedule dynamically as I think you do, you can't I don't think. Also, I think that it only takes a single cron line as input? So you would end up with lots of instances of the Node. You would probably be as well off with the standard trigger Node.

I think that the closest Node for what you want is

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It looks like node-red-contrib-later is exactly what I am looking for since it supports multiple schedules. Thank you very much!


Yes I did, thanks. It looks like its only supports one rule per node.