Lwm2m creating a object

Hello everyone,
I'm creating a object into the Lwm2m server with this function
"420": {
"0": {
"0": {
"type": "INTEGER",
"acl": "R",
"1": {
"type": "INTEGER",
"acl": "RWD",
"value": 900001
"2": true

Now I'm facing issue in passing the generated value into this objects, is it possible to pass our own generated value into this objects?
Can anyone please help me with this....

I find if I provide some basic information, I get faster responses to my queries. When I start a thread, I provide:

  • node-red version,
  • node.js version
  • dashboard version (if using it)
  • name of any contrib nodes (node-red-contrib-cron-plus for example) that I'm using
  • and explaination of any terms that are not common (What the heck is a Lwm2m server??)
  • a small test flow showing my issue.
  • a description of what I have already tried.

This way, someone looking at the thread doesn't have to ask for that information and is more apt to respond to me.

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