Maintain tab selection when merging

For our implementation of Node-RED we have occasionally multiple users working in the same Node-RED instance at the same time. Whenever one user deploys his flow to test, the other user will get a messsage about merging it while working in another flow. Even though this bothers the users, they understand it's part of how Node-RED works.

There is only one big downside to how it works right now in Node-RED. Whenever a user accepts the merge he will be send back to the first flow/tab in his workspace. So everytime someone deploys the user has to find the flow he was working on before continuing working on it.

My proposal/request is to maintain the selection when merging. So whenever the user accepts the merge he can continue developing right away.

My proposal to solve this problem can be found in this pullrequest: Pullrequest 3151

I'd love to hear if this is the right approach or if there are more efficient ways / if this behaviour is on purpose.


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