Make a big Payload cut to arrays

Hi guys is it possible to make in a Payload after every , an new array?

[{"id":"4c517225-c9ed-4a6e-ba08-93d9c737627d","name":"Gem\u00fcnden Frankfurter Strasse 14","brand":"OMV","street":"Frankfurter Str.","place":"Gem\u00fcnden","lat":50.05939,"lng":9.68624,"dist":4.5,"price":1.099,"isOpen":false,"houseNumber":"14","postCode":97737},{"id":"d5f5b95e-51e1-4c44-b68d-a007fd356a29","name":"Christa Kartmann","brand":"Esso","street":"Karlstadter Str.","place":"Gem\u00fcnden","lat":50.028,"lng":9.7309,"dist":2.5,"price":1.119,"isOpen":true,"houseNumber":"8","postCode":97737},{"id":"f860d540-1e31-413a-888e-c14432d33675","name":"Shell Gemuenden A.Main Wernfelder Str. 3","brand":"Shell","street":"Wernfelder Str.","place":"Gemuenden A.Main","lat":50.049071,"lng":9.702765,"dist":3.3,"price":1.119,"isOpen":false,"houseNumber":"3","postCode":97737}]}"

This is my output and i want to cut it after every , so that i can filter it.
Thx in Advance

You can use a split node, it will split it up in separate messages, but you can also filter when it is an array.

What are you trying to accomplish ?

Someone helped me already , i put an json node and all is in arrays


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