Making a Node-RED Project into hardware

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student that is currently an intern in a company. I´ve self-proposed a project of a semi-automatic counter to replace the old pen and paper system that they are currently using. My knowledge in circuits isn't the best furthermore i need help!
I've already made the programing in Node-RED and made the DashBoard user friendly (I think) and know it's time to make it become a real thing! But I'm completely lost and don't know where to start...
I will leave the sketch of the general idea and the .json here and hope someone can help me out!

Until know my option are:

  • Raspberry pie
  • Some kind of microprocessor circuit
  • Developing and Android App that works as the dashboard

P.S. The .json is in mediafire because i cannot upload files for the moment:

I think you need to provide more information about the project, otherwise it’s impossible for people to provide sensible advice.


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