Manage serial port with a button

Hi everyone,
i’m new with node red, and i need your help please,
i want to control the serial port using a button, that’s mean that when i want to close the serial port, i click on the button,
is it realistic?

Not currently. The serial port is designed to try to stay connected.

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I have need to disconnect a device while Node-RED is running. Otherwise, I'll need to shut down Node-RED in order to connect my serial scanner to configuration software and re-start Node-RED. Is it possible to allow the serial node to programmatically disconnect for a time to allow this kind of feature? I agree the normal mode would be to try to connect and stay connected. However, all devices and all applications do not follow trying to stay connected to Node-RED. We are using Windows 10 and it will be unhandy to physically disconnect the device and connect to another system just to configure it.

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No. It is still not possible.