Mange AWS EC2 Volumes and Snapshots (cloud gaming)

I setup these flows to create, modify, and delete my volumes and snapshots for minimal billing.
I'm using a g4dn instance for cloud gaming with Parsec.
It does almost everything. I'm choosing to manually start and stop my instance but that could easily be automated as well.
I used Tags to make sure I select the right thing to modify.

flows.json (64.6 KB)

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I went a bit down the wrong track with my root volume. Should have created an image (AMI).
Here's my updated flow.

AWS EC2 cloud gaming.json (102.7 KB)

One thing I would be interested in doing is using Telegram to hook into CloudWatch allowing you to push billing alarms to your device. Have you looked at doing something like this?

I don't have anything setup in CloudWatch. Looks like there are a few api examples for getting current billing details. I only run my instance when I'm gaming and then shut it down so it don't generally having any significant costs to monitor.

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