Many flows to one

I have some sensors acquired via MQTT. These sensors have similar management, so I'll like to collect them on a common flow or sub-flow.
The data received from MQTT are asynchronous so they can arrive together.
I think an architecture similar to that in the figure.

What I'm not able to understand is what happens in case of simultaneous arrival of messages.

The other question is, can I share a sub-flow or a flow with other flows. I try to explain, every MQTT messages need a pre-management, that I want to develop on their own flow, before coming into a common operation.

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Hi Rex. Messages will NEVER arrive at the same time.

So long as you are only adding/updating properties on the msg object then the messages passing through the function will all be unique and isolated.

Subflows have context so while not a problem, you'd be better off with a link-call node instead of subflow.

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